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Dubai to concentrate on Halal Tourism

15 Dec. 2008.


Decline in the number of International tourists especially tourists from US and Europe has pioneered the idea of promoting Halal tourism to attract regional visitors. Dubai-based Al Jawhara Hospitality Group (JHG) showcased the 'Pure Rooms' event. KT, a leading newspaper of UAE reports that this event was the first of its kind in the Middle East that strictly holds to Islamic hospitality. The event introduces the concept of 'Halal Tourism'. The JHG does not allow liquor within its apartments and hotels. The event also showcased Halal body care items and Halal champagnes in the exhibition. In another major development in the region, Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority (ADTA) has enforced stringent guidelines to Hotels in Abu Dhabi regarding overcharging customers. Mubarak Hamad Al Muhairi, ADTA's director general said the ADTA will not allow a few hotels to make the hotel industry subject to risk and vulnerability and will interfere, if any overcharging is noticed. Hotels in Abu Dhabi have not yet given any indications of Halal tourism.


To show solidarity towards those employees who lost their jobs as a result of current economic crisis, The Arabian Park hotel in Dubai is offering a free dinner to UAE residents reports Gulf News. General Manager of the hotel Mark Lee said the offer, which runs from December 15 until January 15, 2009, is crafted to remind people of the hotel's value for money. To avail of the offer customers need to bring along their redundancy notice. The complimentary dinners will be offered in the hotel's Brasserie restaurant and to avail this offer offloaded employees should bring their redundancy notice. This is a positive sign of the much discussed and emerging Halal tourism.
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