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Federal Tourism Authority of UAE to Function Shortly

23 Dec. 2008


The National reported that, the Federal Government is setting up a new federal tourism authority of UAE which is aimed to unite the seven emirates under the umbrella of a federal body run by the Ministry of Culture. The president of the UAE HH Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed has ordered the formation of this new federal tourism authority. The name and the full mandate of the authority will be released shortly. Primarily, it is expected that the federal tourism authority will set protocol and will maintain relationships with other countries. Acording to a recent survey reports announced by FutureBrand, UAE is named as the world leader in resort and lodging options. The other nations following the ranking list are US, Maldives, and Australia. Criteria for such a judgment were the 'superior variety' of accommodations offered by these countries. It is expected that formation of Federal Tourism Authority of UAE will help sustain this level of international acceptance and the tourism model adopted by Dubai could be passed over to other emirates thereby transforming the whole country into a wonderful tourist destination. Over the next seven years UAE will show an average a growth of 3.2% per annum, according to a recent forecast by The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC).


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